Getting Approval

If you are wondering how to approach your boss for approval to attend the Bank Trainers Conference and Expo, you might want to encourage them to view the Video Testimonials on the conference website ( or consider using the following as your memo/e-mail template:

Dear <Manager>

I would really like to attend the 2019 Bank Trainers Conference and Expo – an annual event (entering it’s 7th year!) designed exclusively for trainers in the financial services industry.

The conference features many industry guest speakers, a motivational keynote speaker, workshops, and an industry specific tradeshow. The latest training tools and techniques will be shared and I will learn new training techniques just from watching the conference trainers in action!

Some of the country’s top training experts will be there, and I will have direct access to the best and brightest thought leaders in the industry. As you know, you can learn a lot from picking one’s brain–provided it is the right brain.

The reviews from past attendees are impressive, including “the content was spot on for my role and far exceeded my expectations” and “I was able to get something from EVERY session I attended”.  You can check out the Video Testimonials at!

The cost to attend the conference will be the registration fee, travel expenses, hotel, and a meal or two (most meals are included in the registration fee).

This investment will certainly pay off in new ideas and resources designed to make our training function even better. The conference concludes with “Plot and Plan”, where attendees recap what they have learned and outline how they will implement a new training idea.

I would greatly appreciate your approval and will work hard to ensure that we get the full value of this event.

< Me >