Conference Demographics

APU CFT and TTS booths

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to showcase your products and services at the 2017 Bank Trainers Conference!  This is the ONLY “train the trainer” conference designed specifically for bank and credit union training professionals. Attendees acquire new training delivery techniques, a vast network of training colleagues, and new training tools and resources designed to make their jobs easier.  They are eager to make their training department as effective as it can be, and your company can help them achieve this!

Just Getting Started, But Boy Are We Growing Fast!

TRC Booth

2013-2016 Growth

Trainer Attendees have increased from 65 in 2013 to 160 in 2016.  Up 146%
– on pace for 200 Trainer Attendees for 2017!
Total Attendees have increased from 94 in 2013 to 224 in 2016.  Up 132%
Sponsors and Exhibitors have increased from 5 in 2013 to 16 in 2016.  Up 220%

2016 Trainer Attendee Demographics

160 Highly-Motivated Trainer Attendees
….Representing 115 different banks and credit unions
…….From 38 different states, including Hawaii!

Financial Institution Asset Sizes:
Over $5B – 11
$1 – $5B – 36
$500M – $1B – 40
Under $500M – 28

Website Analytics

Our website traffic can help boost your website traffic.  With your logo and a link to your website prominently displayed on the website, visitors will have an opportunity to click on your logo and learn more about your products and services.

Monthly Average Traffic

2015  –  1,545 views per month
2016  –  1,910 views per month
2017  –  2,412 views per month

Daily Average Traffic

2015  –  54 views per day
2016  –  63 views per day
2017  –  83 views per day

Past Sponsors and Exhibitors

AK Learning
Ambit International
American Public UniversityBankersHub booth
BAI Learning & Development
BVS Performance Solutions
Center for Financial Training
eLearning Brothers
Greene Consulting Associates
Integrity Solutions
John Maxwell Certified Coach
Learning Dynamics
MortgageEducators and Compliance
National Seminars Training
New England College of Business
New York Institute of Finance
OnCourse Learning
Total Training Solutions
TRC Interactive
TRP Enterprises, Inc.

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